Things you didn't know you needed from Ruche

I think Ruche is my new online shopping obsession. It's got the Anthro' aesthetic, but way better prices, and they have clothes, accessories, shoes, and just about everything else. I just placed my first order last week (pictures later!) and received the items today, and gosh, everything is SO DANG CUTE.

Anyway, I just started browsing the Home & Office section--which normally doesn't interest me--and discovered all these amazing things! Functionality is great and all, but I get really excited when a lot of thought has been put into the design, especially when they're quirky and maybe even a little strange.

I'm already planning my next order. It may or may not contain some of the things in this post. Enjoy!

Cotton Tail Paper Clips - $9.99 USD - Buy
Your favorite animal bent into the shape of a paper clip! Aren't these  adorable? Oh, so bunnies aren't your thing? How about ducksCats? Little piggies?

Royal Eloquence 'Two for Tea' Set - $34.99 USD - Buy
 For the most exclusive tea parties. This set is so gorgeous, and I love that it's stackable. How clever!
Dry Divas Palm Beach Shower Cap - $23.99 USD - Buy
I'm pretty sure Dry Divas take the prize for Fanciest Shower Caps EVER. Their caps feature bold prints and dainty bows.

Pandamonium mug and spoon set - $23.99 USD - Buy
You and I both know that your coffee/hot chocolate/tea would best be enjoyed in this panda mug (with matching spoon!).

Puppy Crush Dog Collar by Poetic Paws - $19.99 USD - Buy
If you don't have a dog, you probably want to buy one just so you have an excuse to get this collar. I understand.

Photo Op Camera Case - $29.99 USD - Buy
So your camera doesn't get beat up in your giant purse. Like mine.

Why all this random stuff? Well, mostly because I'm a little bored and in the mood to buy weird things. Also:

If you're going to get something that everyone else has, it might as well be different. Or cute. Or both. Happy shopping!