Bird of the summer

Outfit Details: Blue floral one-shoulder ruffle romper (Zara) | "Joan" pink/white rosette lace wedges (Seychelles via DSW) | Floppy straw hat (Forever 21) | Daisy charm necklace (Juicy Couture)
This is my favorite romper! It's comfy and super cute, and even has these little pockets on the shorts. Too bad there isn't a Zara where I live though (I got this on my school trip last year).

Summahhhhtime. I know everyone loves summer, but I kind of hate the heat. I'd honestly rather be inside where there's air conditioning. Don't get me wrong, I love going outside, hanging out at the beach/pool and everything, but it's not fun when it's over 100 degrees and kind of humid (ack!). I hope it cools down soon.

I just got a haircut yesterday! I missed having bangs. Plus, my hair was getting umanageable and had tons of split ends. Yikes. Long overdue.

Also, if you're in the LA area, be sure to stop by the Los Feliz Fashion Fest on Sunday, July 24th! I'll be curating and modeling in a fashion show for 50 Dresses. Hope to see you there! :)