The Year of Adventurous Shoes: Summer

Here are some recent purchases that have fueled my shoe fixation! As you can see, I've been celebrating the upcoming summer season with some fun, girlie sandals. My obsession with Poetic Licence gets worse and worse--but I can't help it! Not only are their shoes super cute and unique, they're really comfortable too (and their boxes are the prettiest I've ever seen. Ever.). Same with the Seychelles wedges: they're easy to wear and have cushy soles. Now the Jessica Simpson high-heeled wedge sandals look a little scary and take some practice walking in, but they're actually not too bad (but I wouldn't walk around in them all day!). Here are all the details:

Flower and lace wedge sandals in white/pink | "Joan" by Seychelles | $79.95 USD at DSW
Platform high-heeled sandals in black | "Tookie" by Jessica Simpson | $59.95 USD at DSW (in store)
Leather flower sandals in green/red | "Jolt of Sunshine" by Poetic Licence | $59 USD on HSN
Leather bow t-strap sandals in black | "Bloomingbird" by Poetic Licence | Starts at $38.47 USD on Endless
What are your shoe picks right now?
Any pairs that you're craving or lusting after? ;)