Two for my seconds

Outfit details: Striped bow blouse (Forever 21), scalloped black polka-dot skirt (BCBG), black studded belt (Forever 21), black heart tights (Forever 21), black patent pumps with gold buckles (Steve Madden), gray beret (Forever 21), bunny necklace (swap with Katrina)

A quick outfit post from earlier this week! Working 4-5 days a week has limited my amount of "free outfit days", or days where I can wear whatever I want. Sad. My closet is probably feeling neglected.

I'm really tired right now (just got back from a styling competition earlier today! more on that later), so pardon the post & run.

Ooo, and before I forget, here's a little photo of my nails! I'll be posting these more often since I got a nail stamping set a few weeks ago. Anyone try Konad before?

Santee nail polish in teal with stamped black houndstooth print


lorenabr said...

Cute outfit :)

sharonlei said...

Erica!! How have you been girl?! I hope all is well. You're still looking as sweet as ever. :)

I've tried Konad before.. I have a few plates.. I still prefer doing my nailart the old fashion way though... :)

xx Love & Aloha

Caitlin said...

did you do your nails by yourself!?

NinaRevenant said...

This is one of the cutest outfits! I love the nails too! said...

i have a couple of konad plates. i love them, but some of the more intricate floral designs are a BEAST to transfer.