Photo Diary: Hello Kitty, Cake Balls & Gina

My friend Gina celebrated her 21st birthday recently. She's a HUGE Hello Kitty fan, so I made her some clip on kitty ears. We ate cake balls, mexican food, and chocolate cake. It was a lot of fun!

Delicious cake balls
Chocolate cake ball
Gina's Hello Kitty manicure
Chocolate cake!
Gina opening my present
Happy birthday, Gina!


Meg said...

The Hello Kitty manicure? Amazing. And those cake balls look totally delicious! Must make a batch myself soon!

E said...

From a sweet tooth on this end : OMG YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those look gorgeous and delicious :D

Erisha @ dazed daisies said...

that manicure is amazing! i love her ring, too.

you're too cute. i love that you gave her an HK themed gift. ♥