Photo Diary: Chocolate cupcakes, bruschetta & Auntie Nenette

We celebrated my aunt's birthday a few weeks ago and had a small family party. I baked chocolate chocolate cupcakes (a fancy boxed mix my mom found at Home Goods) and we had tons of Filipino food and ice cream cake. Here are some photos from the party:

My aunt's present (silver flower earrings) from me & my sister
my Auntie Nenette
chocolate chocolate cupcakes with butterfly sprinkles, baked by me
bruschetta close-up (made by mom!)
bruschetta platter
my sister, Tritia, trying the bruschetta
Grandma, enjoying a cupcake
ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins

Happy birthday to my Auntie Nenette, who has always been one of the most supportive & generous people in my life! We love you!