2B Fashion Showdown: Vote & Win $500!

Me and seven of L.A.'s most stylish bloggers teamed up to compete in a style off for 2B's grand opening at Westfield Culver City on Saturday, the 21st.  The event was great! There were fashion photos, cupcakes, DJs, mystery scratchers with discounts, mini makeovers courtesy of The Body Shop and Macy's, a perfume bar--the works.

So you're probably wondering what 2B is, right? 2B is basically Bebe's younger sister. It's just as stylish but more affordable. They carry clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes, and more. Most of the outfits we put together were under $100! I think each of us proved that there really was something for everyone in the store--all of our styles are very diverse, as evidenced in the group photos:

Me, Olivia, Marci, Shea, Tiara, Gina, Kristen, Kelly and Monique
The challenge: Put together four different looks as a team featuring clothing and accessories from 2B.

The competitors: Monique Mitchell of Pazzesca, Kelly Lee of Buss Buss, Olivia Lopez of Lust for Life, Shea Marie of Cheyenne Meets Chanel, Gina McFinch of Fashioned Out, Marci Micholovitz of Fringe Fries, Kristen Conahan of Style Wax Poetic and me.

How it worked: I teamed up with the fabulous Olivia of Lust for Life. Working closely together to style ourselves in 2B's latest fashions, each of us carefully selected pieces that complemented our individual styles. We wanted to incorporate spring and summer trends into our outfits while putting our own personal spins on them.

What's in it for us: If our team wins, we'll each get $250 (ahhh! I've never won that much money before).

What's in it for you: You can be entered to win $500 from Westfield! How awesome is that? Think of all the awesome things you can get at the 2B store. ;)

What I need from you: Please 'like' Westfield Culver City on Facebook, check out our four looks, and vote for me and Olivia (Team #2)!

Thank you so much to everyone who has already voted (or plans to!). I love, love, LOVE you and appreciate the support. Really. If you want to see more photos from the event, feel free to visit my Facebook. :)

Official 2B Blogger Showdown photos taken by Renee Cascia for Westfield Culver City