The Year of Adventurous Shoes: Spring

I never used to care for shoes that much. And even though I was raised to be a practical girl (no, really), I was always drawn to color, patterns, prints, and anything else that was interesting to look at. It was no surprise that I eventually became interested in expressing myself through art and fashion, but for some reason, shoes were always at the bottom of my list.

And then I don't know what happened last year. After reading all those fashion blogs and magazines, and seeing all those photos of Vivienne Westwood and Miu Miu and Jeffrey Campbell shoes...something inside me snapped.

I realized...I really loved shoes. Or at least, I loved looking at them.

I've developed a new appreciation for shoes and aspire to be more adventurous with my outfits. Although I tend to buy shoes on a whim and worry about working them into outfits later (at least I have a job now!), my budget is still very modest. I've found really cute (and inexpensive!) shoes at places like Forever 21 and TJMaxx, and have been gifted a few pairs during my blogging career. Here are some of my newest buys for Spring!

You! by Crocs | $79.99 USD
Gifted from You! by Crocs, I was pleasantly surprised at how trendy, well-made, and cute these leather shoes from Crocs were. I've worn them at work and liked how I could be on my feet all day--the soles are well-padded and flexible. For high-heeled boots, these are very comfortable! They also come in black and gray. 

Forever 21 (in stores) | $15.80 USD
Miu Miu inspired, these flats are the perfect balance of classy and girlie. They're great for wearing to work. Plus, they match with just about everything.

Forever 21 | $24.80 USD
I have a fondness for t-strap mary janes, and when I saw these, I knew I had to get them. They're satin and have a pretty peach rose pattern, perfect for dressing up.

Forever 21 | $22.80 USD
The shape is very Miu Miu (which is one of the reasons why I love them)! These floral heels are colorful and surprisingly easy to walk in. I'm normally a wimp when it comes to high heels, but would like to start wearing them more.

What are your favorite shoes to wear for this season? I'd love to know! :)