they lost their lives in backyards

Details: blue/white striped oxford button down (Tommy Hilfiger; had since high school), gray high-waisted skirt (Forever 21), taupe high-heel stiletto wedges (Bamboo; Alloy), silver bow headband (Forever 21)
It's been a while since my last good 'ol outfit post--this one's from a month ago (eep!). I've been trying to organize my life lately, and it's been hard. I'm helping out with planning Retail Camp at my alma mater, while attending as many events as I can (which isn't many at all) and working.

Good news though: I've been enjoying my new job at the bridal salon. I like it a LOT better than my old job (yay!). Plus, it's kind of fun being surrounded by lots of pretty white dresses (even if they are really heavy).

At least I'm getting buff from all the heavy lifting. ;)

Hope you're all enjoying spring so far!