Pretty Little Things: Cake Pops & Nude Nails

Now that I'm done with Project 365, I don't post my photos regularly anymore.

This needs to change.

My "Pretty Little Things" posts will have blurbs and photos of things that I'm currently obsessed with, like food and stuff I bought or tried. Enjoy! ;)

Pop Beauty's Nail Glam in "O Boy"
Nail Glam in "O Boy" courtesy of Pop Beauty
I was super excited to try Pop Beauty's Nail Glam polishes, and was given the opportunity to pick out a couple. After seeing all the trendy neutral shades that everyone else was wearing, I decided to pick their version of a peachy nude, "O Boy". They're polishes go on easily, dry fast, and last a long time (I applied two coats for a bold, opaque look, and a topcoat to seal). I'm definitely going to buy a few more bottles because they have a great selection of fun, bright, unexpected colors like "Baby Blue", "Sunny" (a vintage yellow), and "Radioactive" (electric green).
Vanilla Vanilla cupcake from Bake You Happy in Valencia, CA
Not just any vanilla cupcake. I have officially made it my personal mission to sample all the cupcakeries that have recently opened up in the area. Bake You Happy's Vanilla Vanilla is  definitely my favorite favorite vanilla flavored cupcake. Moist and sweet, you can really taste the vanilla in the cake (made with real vanilla beans and Madagascar bourbon vanilla!). The frosting isn't overpowering, and it's topped with sprinkles that add a really nice crunch. Their Red Velvet and Black & White are yummy too. Plus, they won Food Network's Cupcake Wars (am I the only one obsessed with that show?).
Chocolate fudge cake pop by Leilani
Cake pops are the new trendy portable It Food (but I still love my cupcakes). They're good if you have a craving for cake but don't want the extra calories. I got this in my gift bag from Blogger Camp a couple of weeks ago, and it was fudgey and delicious and...sparkly from all the sugary sprinkles. Nom nom nom. They're handmade by Leilani, the original Cake Popper.

I fully encourage any late night snacking I may have inspired.

What about you? Try anything fun lately? :)