Two Point Oh LA Spring 2011 Lookbook: Additional Photos

I just wanted to share with you my favorite photos from the Two Point Oh LA Spring 2011 Lookbook--some of which weren't published!

All of the looks were shot in and around the California Market Center in Downtown LA, by the super talented Kelsi Smith! We were all troupers, braving the weather and shooting through the crazy cold wind and rain. You probably can't tell in the first photo, but me and Sal were shooting in a tunnel that connected two of the buildings, and all of the wind was getting filtered through it! It was sooo cold. Ahhh.

Suffer for fashion, yes?

Me: outfit by Cynthia Steffe
Deniz: Pants and blouse by Kensie | Olivia: Cynthia Steffe dress, Imoshion purse, Seychelles shoes
Jackie: Cynthia Steffe dress | Sydne: Tulle dress, BC Footwear shoes
Me: Dress and blouse by Tulle | Kimberly: Cynthia Steff dress
Alexzondra: Darling skirt, Kensie sweater, Gold Hawk tank top
Jenny: Darling dress | Alex: Kensie dress
Me: Dress and jacket by Tulle, Charlie Lapson handbag  | Kimberly: Dress and coat by Tulle, Charlie Lapson handbag
Olivia: Cynthia Steffe pants, Tulle cardigan | Deniz: Darling dress, Seychelles shoes
Tiara: Kensie pants and blouse, Seychelles shoes | Heather: Cynthia Steffe dress, Irregular Choice shoes
Photography: Kelsi Smith | Hair + Makeup: Amber Ayala | Sponsors: Pop Beauty (makeup), Nick Chavez (hair products), California Market Center (location)

What's your favorite trend for Spring and Summer? :)