QVC Red Carpet Oscar Party

It's been a while! I apologize. Sometimes I get into these weird lazy slumps where I'm not feeling quite inspired and my blogging suffers, so this post is a little overdue.
Rebecca, Tiara and me
(Photo Credit: Rebecca)
Kelsi and QVC extended an invite to me and a few other bloggers for the QVC Red Carpet Style Pre-Oscar Party. I was really excited to go because I hadn't been invited to a red carpet event before. Despite the crappy weather (think tons of rain, muddy grass/soaked red carpets, and a large tent with open sides), it was really fun.

Outfit details: Black bustier dress (Guess), purple tights (HotSox), vintage purple earrings, black open-toe suede t-strap mary jane heels (Poetic Licence; not pictured)
We spotted random celebrities like Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter, Donald Trump, Lisa Rhinna, and Kim Kardashian. The party was even broadcasted live. Perhaps you'd have spotted me in the background--I'm the girl with the hair plastered to her forehead, shivering in her plaid red Tulle coat.

Ahh well. It was definitely a night to remember!
Joan Rivers hosting a segment for the broadcast
The giant spinning 'Q' at the bar!
QVC party guests
My new blog friend Eileen, me (ahh! my bangs!), and Tiara
(Photo Credit: Eileen)


Valencia Lia said...

Erica, that's super super cool that you got invited to a red carpet event!

Wow, and you're looking so gorgeous and elegant:) Loving the details on your dress too<3 <3

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh! That looks so funnnnn! And your dress is to cute. :)

Meg said...

Must have been awesome to see Joan Rivers in person, haha! She's hilarious. Crazy, but hilarious. We love QVC at my house -- I'm pretty much addicted, no lie! Glad you got to go and had fun despite the weather!

Taisha said...

Love the Dress!

Marie said...

What a fab opportunity!:D

Thanks for sharing all these pictures!:D

***** Marie *****