Pretty Little Things: Superheroes and Macarons

Just because I'm not doing Project 365 this year doesn't mean I stopped documenting my everyday life. It's become a bit of a habit, really. Now, whenever I see or buy something that I think is really cool, I don't take one photo--I take, like, ten photos. I'm going to start posting my favorites in between outfits because I have the urge to share them! :)

Yummy macarons from Nadia Cakes. I couldn't decide which flavor I wanted to try, so I got one of each. :P
Remember my post on the super cute DSLR camera straps? I couldn't decide on which one I wanted and ended up just making one myself. Tutorial coming up soon!
The POP Beauty eye shadow palette I got at the Grammy Style Studio
The new Wonder Woman stuff by MAC is awesome! I'm obsessed with the packaging and colors. This is the nail lacquer in "Spirit of Truth", a dark navy blue.
I love this shade of blue! Definitely superhero-worthy. I blame Natalie for making me want this.