Post Modern Girls

Silk champagne blouse (on loan from Last Chance Boutique), black skinny jeans (Forever 21), dark brown cowboy boots (GoJane), gold peacock earrings (gifted from ModCloth), yellow peacock bangle (gifted from B. Vika)
Strapless polka-dot dress (bought from Last Chance Boutique), cream bow belt (Forever 21), lilac Lady Dragon II peep-toe heels (Vivienne Westwood x Melissa), vintage pearl necklace (I'm Your Present)
Hosted by: Karen Lacanilao | Photography: Jake Narciso - Visit his Flickr | Hair: Gercy Galang of Gorgeous Salon in San Diego, CA | Makeup: Aileen Nham
A couple of weeks ago, Karen invited a few of us bloggers over for a "just because" photo shoot. I'd never done anything like it before and thought it would be fun (who doesn't want to play dress up and get their makeup and hair done for the day?). I'm not used to having other people take my photo and never know how to pose. I mean, I'm used to it just being me and my tripod. I didn't know what to expect and was a little nervous, but when I got there, everyone was so nice and made me feel so comfortable--even if I felt  awkward. I even made some new blog friends and got to talk to ones I'd only met briefly before.

I had a blast and met a lot of awesome people, and it was really cool to see the process of a photo shoot from start to finish. I had no idea it was so involved! It took a team of talented individuals to put together something like this, and the end result was impressive.

See the rest of the photos here!

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