We're all Mad here

Details: Floral lace dress (Rodarte for Target), ballet pink tights (Betsey Johnson), black scalloped open-toe t-strap mary jane heels (Poetic License), pearl earrings (made by me, visit my Etsy shop)
I went to my friend Liz's Mad Men party last week. I haven't even seen the show, but any excuse to dress up is fine by me (especially when there's a theme involved). It was so much fun! Everyone got really into it and some of her friends showed up in gorgeous vintage dresses and fancy up-do's. There were lots of cocktail mixers and a little guide above the bar that had popular 1960s drink recipes, like the Manhattan and Whiskey Sour--very appropriate! I also liked that she had her record player set to swing music. Here are some photos from the night. Plenty of fake cigarettes and cupcakes to go around.

My friend Liz, the hostess for the night, and me, holding our fake cigarettes and trying to look sophisticated
Liz's ultra-cool record/CD player
My friends Priscilla and Diana
Pretty open-toe t-strap mary jane heels (Diana, me, and Priscilla)
I was in charge of the cupcakes, naturally. I made the icing a pretty Tiffany blue and sprinkled glittery sugar sprinkles on top:

Also, I don't know how I ever lived without one of these:
Cupcake carrier by Chefmate, about $18 at Target
Now that Liz has her own apartment, she's been planning all kinds of fun themed parties. I'm really looking forward to 80's Prom and the murder mystery parties.

I haven't even seen an episode of Mad Men yet, but it's on my to-watch list, if only for the wonderful styling and costumes! Have any of you watched the show before?


Marie said...

Wow, that sure is one fab party!:D I like the dress and how you've paired the black shoes with the pink tights.:D

***** Marie *****

Kirstin Marie said...

I love this whole look!! It's really pretty. I LOVE that dress on you, and those shoes are gorgeous! Sounds like a super fun party! :) Thanks so much for your lovely comment! :)

Kirstin Marie

p.s. I'm following you! I love your blog :)

thedemuremuse.com said...

You and your friends are so cute! I love that you guys have themed parties.

Your cupcake carrier is soooo cute. I have one too (not from Target though) and I definitely wonder how I lived without one for so long.

Jen said...

Those Tiffany blue cupcakes are gorgeous...I'm going to have to make myself some now! And I'm loving how sweet your pink tights look with those scalloped shoes. :)

L a D y ♥ V said...

OMG! I love cupcakes!!! They look really nice! I'm not really a pro in baking/cooking, but I think I should try making cupcakes ;)

Meg said...

OMG! I just got a cupcake carrier for Christmas and is pretty much the greatest invention of all time. Like you, I'm not sure how I lived without it. Now my beautiful decorating and frosting doesn't become a gobbledy-goo mess in transit to parties, work, etc.! Love it!

Also, the "Mad Men" party looks ridiculously fun. I love anything 1950s!