Project 365 2010 Wrap Up: Days 325-365

This has got to be one of the hardest challenges I've ever done, but I'm proud to say that I successfully completed Project 365! Yay!!
Since I haven't posted any updates in the last month and don't want this to turn into a 30+ epic photo post, here are smaller versions of days 325-365! hover for titles, click to view larger on flickr.
day 325: ♥day 326: rawrday 327: bloomday 328: wonkaday 329: ciderday 330: sweet thingsday 331: glovesday 332: christmas treeday 333: skirtday 334: blurday 335: mew mewday 336: alarmday 337: duchesseday 338: petalsday 339: yay!day 340: le footday 341: dogday 342: candy cane kissesday 343: selfday 344: mini candy canesday 345: view from the topday 346: cake popday 347: presents!day 348: holiday milkday 349: pinsday 350: headbandday 351: lippyday 352: control freakday 353: vivienneday 354: wreathday 355: keyday 356: anniversaryday 357: chocolat a troisday 358: candy caneday 359: christmas craneday 360: kindleday 361: bowlerday 362: emmersonday 363: luxday 364: modday 365: fini
view in flickriver
I don't think it's something I'd want to attempt again--at least, not for a while--but I will do mini photo inspiration posts and shoots! I will continue to play around with my new camera and take pictures of things that I like and inspire me. I'm also still doing 52 weeks, which will end in a few months.
I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing my photos throughout the year. I'll admit, I did get lazy with some (okay, a lot) of the photos and it was hard to constantly find inspiration (and motivation), but somehow I managed. I did like that it forced me to document everything going on in my life though. I have never taken so many photos before (or used up so much disk space on my computer). It was worth it.
Any of you taking on Project 365 for 2011? :)