Life Update

Grainy photo taken post-photoshoot with my new laptop's webcam! ;]
 It's been an exciting week (well, apart from this sore throat/sneeziness I've been dealing with)! 


....celebrated my friend Stephanie's birthday at Derren's Restaurant in Manhattan Beach (we met on our school trip to Europe last year).

Cheese Plate | Rock Shrimp Ravioli | White Chocolate Mousse
We ate delicious things like lobster, pasta, and white chocolate mousse. And champagne. Lots of champagne. I hadn't seen her in months, so it was good to catch up!

HP Garden Dreams Laptop | $598 USD | Walmart a new HP laptop and I'm pretty obsessed with it. Just under $600 at Walmart. Isn't it the prettiest laptop you've ever seen? And the keys are purple. NO JOKE. Purple. And yeah, it's really fast and has a lot of space and whatever...did I mention the keys were purple?

...received a "just because" postcard from the amazingly creative Belen. I never get anything fun in the mail anymore, so this was a nice surprise!

Dorota, me, Sasha, Karen. Photo by Jake Narciso
...and I participated in a photo shoot hosted by the fabulous Karen, with photos by Jake Narciso. More on that later! ;]

Oh, and has anyone watched MTV's Skins yet? The acting is terrible and the storylines are ridiculous, hyper-exaggerated portrayals of teenage life, but I kinda like it anyway (as if I need another show to obsess over). The soundtrack makes up for it.

Outfit posts and giveaways coming up!

7 comments said...

You look absolutely GORGEOUS in the photoshoot! I can't wait to hear more about it!!

Also: OMG YOUR KEYS ARE PURPLE?!! How amazing is that? I am definitely going through some laptop envy right now. haha

kristin marie. said...

Your laptop is soo cute!
That you ate at looks amazing yummm!

And yeah Skins, they hyped it up wayyy too much! Degrassi is wayy better & the UK Skins! haha

Glad to hear your doing good! ♥



Olivia.Dee said...

i'll admit... i'm addicted to Skins! Two episodes in and I'm hooked. Crash TV at it's finest...? count me in!

Chickything said...

That laptop is soooo pretty!!!
I have never seen Mtvskins but that's bec. I am obsessed with watching the past seasons of 'the secret life of the American Teenager' on Netflix. I watched 2 whole seasons in a span of 1 and a half days! Have you seen it?

Jennifer said...

I'm obsessed with the UK version of Skins. I just discovered it and watched two seasons in two days! Haven't seen the US version but I definitely recommend the original one. Some fun british fashion! <3

Liz Renteria said...

Defenitly watch the UK version of Skins! I got kind of obsessed with it and watched it all on youtube in a couple of days haha.

Tiffany Duong said...

Your laptop is so adorable!!