Life Update

Grainy photo taken post-photoshoot with my new laptop's webcam! ;]
 It's been an exciting week (well, apart from this sore throat/sneeziness I've been dealing with)! 


....celebrated my friend Stephanie's birthday at Derren's Restaurant in Manhattan Beach (we met on our school trip to Europe last year).

Cheese Plate | Rock Shrimp Ravioli | White Chocolate Mousse
We ate delicious things like lobster, pasta, and white chocolate mousse. And champagne. Lots of champagne. I hadn't seen her in months, so it was good to catch up!

HP Garden Dreams Laptop | $598 USD | Walmart a new HP laptop and I'm pretty obsessed with it. Just under $600 at Walmart. Isn't it the prettiest laptop you've ever seen? And the keys are purple. NO JOKE. Purple. And yeah, it's really fast and has a lot of space and whatever...did I mention the keys were purple?

...received a "just because" postcard from the amazingly creative Belen. I never get anything fun in the mail anymore, so this was a nice surprise!

Dorota, me, Sasha, Karen. Photo by Jake Narciso
...and I participated in a photo shoot hosted by the fabulous Karen, with photos by Jake Narciso. More on that later! ;]

Oh, and has anyone watched MTV's Skins yet? The acting is terrible and the storylines are ridiculous, hyper-exaggerated portrayals of teenage life, but I kinda like it anyway (as if I need another show to obsess over). The soundtrack makes up for it.

Outfit posts and giveaways coming up!