Dress Up Your DSLR

Photo by iEatYanYans
I've had my Canon Rebel XSi for a couple of months now and have been using it a lot more lately. Thing is, when I take photos, I have no idea where to put my lens cap or little remote! Me being me, it's only a matter of time before I misplace one or the other.

And I kind of hate the standard Canon-issued neck strap. It's uncomfortable and, well, ugly.

So I've been doing a little research (ahem. window shopping) and have finally found solutions to my DSLR camera issues. Not only are they totally useful, but they're nice to look at (because let's face it, if it's going to be functional, it might as well be cute too). Plus, it'll be easier to pick out your pretty little camera among all the SLR look-alikes, which can be difficult at parties, events, and blogger meet-ups.

Camera Lens Cap Pocket | $6 USD | Buy from CraftyStaci on Etsy
Wise Owl Camera Wrist Strap | $15 USD | Buy from LuckyStraps on Etsy
Camera Strap with Lens Cap Pocket | $27 USD | Buy from Denisehytonen on Etsy
Josie Gellar Strap Slipcover | $38.50 USD | Buy from Eclectic Whatnot on Etsy
Houndstooth Camera Strap | $24 USD | Buy from HowardAvenue on Etsy
Nicola Camera Strap | $30 USD | Buy from LuckyStraps on Etsy
Sweetheart Camera Strap Cover | $30 USD | Buy from Polkadotbungalow on Etsy
Rainbow Lollipop Camera Strap | $28 USD | Buy from MadebyMeegz on Etsy

Now it's just a matter of picking one. Or three.