Baby, it's cold outside

Details: Strapless black satin dress with flower (White House | Black Market), Lilac Lady Dragon Heels (Vivienne Westwood for Melissa), Tuxedo Gloves (borrowed from Miss Numa), Black studded crossbody bag (Rebecca Minkoff; won from Tweetmybag), Chandelier earrings (courtesy of The Opulent Project), White beaded floral applique headband (made by me in the Be Vainglorious or DIY Trying Lounge at the Snowball)
Here's my outfit from the Two Point Oh LA Snowball!

It was fate that I found the perfect little black dress in the sale section of White House | Black Market (one left in my size!), and I was really excited to finally have an opportunity to wear my Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon heels.

Me getting my purple hair extensions and showing off my Tuxedo Gloves by Miss Numa

A huge thanks to Miss Numa (and Sasha!) for providing me with gloves for the night. I picked out the tuxedo ones because I loved how Miss Numa translated the fanciest thing a man could wear to a party into a pair of delicate black gloves a girl could wear. It instantly made my outfit a little fancier (and a lot cuter). ;)

I also want to say thanks to The Opulent Project. I met the owner when I was interning for Tminx at the POOL tradeshow in Vegas, and she generously let me pick out a pair of earrings from her quirky vintage-inspired jewelry line.

Aren't the ones I picked awesome? They're shaped like actual chandeliers! So pretty. They're also eco-friendly and were made from discarded fluorescent light covers (neat, huh?). Be sure to check out The Opulent Project for more original acrylic jewelry!

And here's how my purple hair extensions turned out (thanks so much to Anthony Saavedra of Hair There Hair Extensions!) from Bren's So Much Pretty Beauty Lounge at the Snowball. I've always been a little curious about brightly colored hair, and this was the perfect opportunity to try it without any commitment. They're made from natural human hair and attached with keratin, and they can last up to 3 months if you take care of them correctly. I'm trying to keep mine in as long as possible (although I've been a little careless and accidentally yanked out two out of my four already). :P