Project 365: 305-324

day 305: things
day 306: self
day 307: i heart books
day 308: dad's birthday
day 309: skirt
day 310: le chene
day 311: food
day 312: navy pier
day 313: chicago skyline
day 314: lights
day 315: argyle
day 316: uncle's birthday
day 317: abe
day 318: arch
day 319: sky high
day 320: tools of the trade
day 321: candelabra
day 322: poetic
day 323: classics
day 324: chandelier
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these are photos from the past 3 weeks! eek. i told you i was behind on things. i'll post the photos for the "52 weeks" project soon because...well, i'm behind on those too. :P

enjoy the teaser photos from my trip to chicago! i'll do a post about it this week.