Me (in the middle) and my models Kristina and Jacob in front of Tilly's
(Credit: Smith Nelson)

Hello bloggy friends! I am back from my trip to Chicago. I hope you enjoyed my last post on Bloggers' Cafe 05. I'm just about caught up with the events I wanted to share. The end of the year is always so crazy for me and I have too many things I want to blog about.
I wish I had an identical twin (preferably not evil) that could take my place at work for me. Le sigh.
With that said, let's flash back to last month. Remember that 80's outfit post I did for the South Bay Galleria inspiration contest? I was chosen as one of the 12 winners! Yay! Thanks for all the comments and support in that post. It was fun going through them, haha.

Me and the other winners got the chance to pair up with a store (I chose Tilly's) at the South Bay Galleria mall for a styling contest the day before Halloween in celebration of their 25th anniversary. It was my first time styling anyone, and I was super nervous! I had no idea what to expect and walked into the store just praying for the best.

...but I didn't have to! The manager was super accommodating, and everyone in the store was extremely helpful and let me pick out whatever I wanted to use for the contest. They had a lot of cute things that I wanted to get for myself and I nearly got distracted, but no worries, I found everything I needed.

It also didn't hurt that my two models, Jacob and Kristina were really nice and outgoing--we only had a few hours and several outfit changes to convince passersby to text and vote for my presentation!

Kristina and Jacob (Credit: Smith Nelson)

The contest worked like this: from 1-3 pm, me and the other 11 contestants were stationed at our assigned stores with 2 models. The models would stand in front of the store on a platform and show off our styling efforts while encouraging the people walking by to text and vote for me (and believe me, the models were amazing at this!).

Here are some photos of the outfits I styled:

The 2 hours went by fast and I didn't even have time to show all my outfits, but it didn't matter. I enjoyed myself a lot and my models were fun to talk to and work with!
I ended up placing 2nd (ahh, so close to that additional $250 gift card!), so that was awesome. Even though I didn't receive a prize for 2nd place, I did get a $100 gift card for participating. After the contest ended, I headed to Nordstrom and used the card towards a bubblegum pink Marc by Marc Jacobs purse:

Yes, the outfit was 80's-inspired and not something I'd normally put together ;)

A huge thanks to Two Point Oh LA, South Bay Galleria, Tilly's, and of course, Kristina and Jacob, for being the best models I could ask for!
Wanna check out my competition? ;) You can see South Bay Galleria's photos from the event!