Valley Girl

There is a logical explanation for this.

The good news: I do not dress like this at work/everyday/any day. Well, typically.

The bad news: Everything actually came from my closet, minus the hosiery (Target!).
Yes, I did buy those hot pink pumps and oversized heart earrings with the intentions on wearing and incorporating them into everyday outfits (...and I did), but that was in high school, okay? Promise. Well, the skirt's a few years old and I still wear it (Heatherette) and the sweater is vintage (was my mom's!), so they're still cool. I hope.

Also...the silver scrunchie? Honestly, I don't know where that came from. Mom found it around the house a few days ago and gave it to me to use for the contest.
(in case you were wondering)

And now for the reason I'm rockin' the side ponytail and legwarmers: a contest!

I'm entering an awesome 80's inspiration contest hosted by Two Point Oh LA in celebration of South Bay Galleria's 25th anniversary!

They're picking 12 winners. Each will receive a $100 gift card to South Bay Galleria and the chance to style their own 80's presentation for the 80's themed anniversary party, which will take place on the 30th. It seems like it'll be a lot of fun (and I'll have the chance to put together another fabulous 80's costume for the party). ;D

Come check out the party and presentations at
South Bay Galleria - 1 to 3pm - 80's costumes encouraged!
I'm thinking something along the lines of Madonna à la "Like a Virgin" (or any other 80's Madonnas), but any other suggestions are appreciated!

Any ideas? :)

P.S. Could you imagine what fashion/style blogging would be like in the 1980's?? Insane (in a good way), I'm sure.