Project Ethos Oct. 2010

Annie and Jade by Annie Le
I was invited to attend Project Ethos at the Avalon last week, and I was really excited because I hadn't been to any of their shows before, and wasn't able to attend any other LA Fashion Week events.

Project Ethos sets itself apart from traditional fashion shows and red carpet events by featuring independent designers, art, and music (and it's one of the few that's open to the public! yay!).

Nick Verreos looking dapper in his plaid pants and tuxedo jacket
It was hosted by charming and well-dressed Nick Verreos of Project Runway Season 2 (he was one of my favorites!). He opened up the show with a quick strut down the runway which I thought was a perfect way to start.

Here are photo collages of the fashion shows (click to enlarge):

Cardiwrap by Kymaro - Everyone knows I'm a huge fan of convertible clothing, and Cardiwrap is all about the convertible cardigans! Smart, versatile, and stylish, it can go with just about anything (as evidenced in the photos above!).

B. Vika by Ambika Sanjana and Valerie Yael Mamane - B. Vika got everyone's attention immediately, opening with a young woman dressed in an eye-catching, colorful hoodie drumming solo for a couple of minutes. It set the tone for the rest of the show, which was upbeat, summery, and fun, and ended with a dramatic, flowy gown.

Chu-la Couture by Melissa Velia - Wearable and chic, I really liked the relaxed silhouettes and prints used in this collection. There was a nice range of styles in this show, from evening-wear to more casual everyday styles.

Doctrine - It was refreshing to see some men's fashion mixed in with this show. This collection reminded me a lot of Monarchy-- young, urban, and trendy. The show also featured women's, but the looks weren't as strong as the men's, which were more put-together.

Summer Titone and Janaration - For this show, each model strutted down the runway in clothing designed by Summer Titone, and jewelry by Janaration. Summer Titone's collection was flirty and colorful, with bold mini dresses and pleating details. Janaration's jewelry (sorry I couldn't get close-ups) is for the spiritual girl who appreciates nature and the finer things in life. I love how their pieces are classy and expensive looking, but not ostentatious or gaudy in any way. Very tasteful.

Annie and Jade by Annie Le - My absolute favorite collection from the night! Annie and Jade had so many beautiful pieces. Everything was sophisticated, clean, and lovely. I'm coveting the gray romper and dress (1st and 5th photos in the above collage).

GOGA - The headliner for the night, GOGA was truly an impressive collection. Whimsical and girlie, I wanted to wear almost everything. I loved all the complex details in the pieces: ruffles, pleating, and crochet, just to name a few. Fun fact: it was designed by Project Runway alum Gordanna Gelhause (Season 6)!
The show ended with an energetic performance by Voxhaul Broadcast, an indie alternative rock band, right on the runway.
Overall, it was a great event and I loved how they showed a range of designers with different styles and inspirations (it didn't hurt that the pre-show party in the Honey Lounge had cupcakes courtesy of Enjoi and free drinks from Absolut). I didn't stay for the second fashion show though because my feet were hurting really bad from standing all night in my 4-inch heels.
I even ran into/met Crystal of Watermoolen in the little press box randomly. She's another local fashion blogger who just so happened to join Two Point Oh LA recently (and we saw each other the very next day at the impromptu Bloggers' Cafe, which I will post soon), so that was cool (especially since I didn't know anyone there!).
Stay tuned for my outfit post from this event, as well as coverage on Bloggers' Cafe 911! :) Aaaand good news: I sent out the last of my Halloween Etsy orders, so I'll finally have time visit your blogs again and reply to comments. Yay!