Project 365: 283-289

day 283: mr. b
day 284: um
day 285: earrings
day 286: marie and things
day 287: orange kit-kat
day 288: cupidity
day 289: noted
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52 weeks project
week 31: passion
week 31: passion
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this project just gets harder and harder--inspiration doesn't come easy. :P i'm sticking it out though! only a few months to go.


amylou said...

love love love the reading photo! too cute!

fashionslap said...

PIKURI :) <3 so cute.

Sandy a la Mode said...

orange kit kats, yum!!! and LOVE that dress you made girl, soo pretty!!!

Marie said...

Orange Kit Kats!LD I want some!:D

I hope you are having a lovely Monday!:D

***** Marie *****

Gracie said...

Your sexy librarian photos are great :) I like your pile of books.

Jennifer said...

You are too cute!

Chickything said...

I'm so curious about the orange KitKat. What flavor is it?

Shelley Ann said...

orange kit-kats?!? i havent seen those! love the giant pencil though :)