I am a factory girl, won't you pardon me?

Details: Floral tulip dress (courtesy of Tulle), red bow belt (Forever 21), crocheted diamond tights (Sidecca), Black bow pumps (KensieGirl)

I wore this outfit to Project Ethos last week! :) It was nice to finally have the opportunity to wear the Black Floral Tulip Dress I got from Tulle a few weeks ago. I'm in love with the vintage-inspired print and all the bright colors, and the silhouette is super flattering. The tulip skirt and puff sleeves are sweet details too. I like that their aesthetic is very vintage-inspired, but still feminine and playful at the same time.

I think I was initially attracted to the dress because it reminded me of Warhol's Flowers prints from 1970:

Flowers by Andy Warhol

KensieGirl Pumps with Bow

And check out the shoes I wore! I got them from Ross a few weeks ago (yes, I'm still going through a shoe phase). I was so happy because I had seen them on the Macy's site for just under $50, but they were sold out and weren't available in the store closest to me. It was totally fate that I found them at Ross for $22! ^_^ Bargain shopping is awesome.

Buy anything fun lately? :)

Flowers image: credit


..R May A.. said...

I love this look!
the print really is gorgeous - very jealous!

Fashion Meets Food said...

loving the look. You look absolutely glamourous in prints!


fashionslap said...

You look great in that dress. The print suits you so well.

Sarah Kinsey said...

I love it! Those shoes are fabulous! :)

Blicious said...

love your dress!! cute belt!


erin :) said...

I love that dress, but more importantly, it looks gorgeous on you! Your hair looks lovely too! :]

LMC said...

OOOOhhh... love the pumps with the bows :D