Shoe Lust: Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Anglomania

Lady Dragon IV in Pink | $184 USD | Buy on Zappos

Vivienne Westwood and Melissa make the perfect marriage when it comes to shoes.

Fun. Youthful. And just plain CUTE.

I have been lusting after these since they first came out, but my wallet just couldn't quite take it (until now. yay for having a job). There's something about the bright colors and cutesy details (hearts! bows! wings!) that calls out to me. The fact that they're adult-sized and made out of rubber is kind of a cool throwback to those pink jelly sandals I had when I was a kid.

But mine weren't strawberry scented.

And they gave me tons of blisters.

...I think it's time to trade up.

Here are some of my favorites from the newest fall/winter collection
(hint: some of the older styles/colors are on sale!):

Ankle Boot in Blue | $134 USD | Buy on Zappos

Ultragirl V in Blue | $134 USD | Buy on Zappos

3 Straps Elevated in Red | $164 USD | Buy on Zappos

Ballerina II in Pink | $114 USD | Buy on Zappos

Lady Dragon IV in Blue | $184 USD | Buy on Zappos

Wing II in Black | $194 USD | Buy on Zappos

what's on your current lust-list?

all photos courtesy of Zappos


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I love the red shoes, so hot... said...

i love this collection! the blue ankle boots are my favorite (most likely because of the nautical feel!).

If I wasn't trying to be good and save money, I would've caved by now (10 seconds after reading this entry) and bought a pair of shoes.

Erica, why must you tempt me!? :P

Mandy said...

I want the Lady Dragon's SOOOO badly!

Sandy a la Mode said...

oh wow! what fun shoe finds!! i am lusting after a pair of leopard print flats at the moment!

Sarah Kinsey said...

i love all of those, so cute!!

Jen said...

these are all so adorable and i remember seeing that first pair before! i'm definitely a fan of the last pair of wedges with the ankle wings though. :) crave!

Shelley Ann said...

aw they remind me of the jellies from the good ol' days! i really like the flats!

Jacque said... are one of my weaknesses!! All of these are adorable!!! I love the pink ballet flats the most! So cute!

Sian said...

I adore this Vivienne Westwood collection! I have the Red 3 Straps, I waited and waited and finally got them half price =D

Chickything said...

I've been lusting on those vivienne's for the longest time! I love them! Do you know if they're comfy?

Meg said...

Those are super cute -- and look too cute, in fact, to be real! They definitely remind me of jelly shoes from when we were kids. Love the pink ballerina flats!

Chickything said...

I love the pink on pink. But I think it's all sold out.

Miss*Kimmy said...

Those Vivienne shoes are WAYY too cute.