Project 365: 248-261

day 248: locked
day 249: earthy
day 250: sheep
day 251: hearts
day 252: ties and bows
day 253: the grove
day 254: baby shower
day 255: windmills
day 256: brownie
day 257: carbonara
day 258: fashion los angeles
day 259: keys
day 260: minnie mouse
day 261: conversation
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52 weeks project
week 26: silhouette
week 26: silhouette

week 27: things that remind me of fall
week 27: things that remind me of fall
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sorry for the image overload! that's 2 weeks worth of project 365.
at least i'm back to the regular sundays.

in other news...

  • sorry for not announcing it earlier, but a huge congrats to sue (sunlite705) for winning the Tminx giveaway! she received a cropped t-shirt.
  • my job at the store is going fine so far. it's been 4 weeks and i've only worked a few days each week (i haven't even been trained on the register yet!). i helped out at corporate (tagging merchandise all day :/) last friday and now that want to transfer me there. more hours (yay!), but i hope it's not just tagging merchandise! wah.
  • i'll be posting about the fashion los angeles groundbreaking soon, so be on the lookout for that! :)