Project 365: 241-247

day 241: 'stache
day 242: flowery
day 243: yup
day 244: mwah!
day 245: spooled
day 246: champagne cupcake
day 247: bow
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52 weeks project
week 25: "turn it"
week 25: turn it
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i need to stop being lazy about posting these on time. sorry ;[
the first photo is dedicated to belen, naturally.

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Hotcakes said...

that picture of the cupcake.. makes me crave for one right now :(

Ebony said...

I want that cupcake. Now. Did you make that? It looks perfect :)

Couture said...

I love your sweater! I'm looking for a marine sweater but I don't find the perfect one! Where's yours from?

Fashion Meets Food said...

Seeing your thread makes me really want to learn how to sew!


Sandy a la Mode said...

moustaches are ALLL the craze these days hehe~!

btw, check out my blog for a pleasant surprise! :)

amylou said...

love the thread!

Shelley Ann said...

love all of the pictures!! the one with the thread is so cute!

Meg said...

Love the photo of the thread and heart-topped pins -- absolutely adorable! I love notions... even though I'm crafty enough to do much with them! said...

that cupcake is to die for! it looks delicious. did you make it?

also, i love your pins with the hearts on top. where did you get them?

Sarah Kinsey said...

awmygosh hat cupcakes has gone got me craving one now! it looks too good!

Marie said...

Really loving the 3rd picture, so pretty!:D

***** Marie *****

Gracie said...

I really love your pictures. The cupcake looks delicious! And the moustache is very Belen :)

dennicapearl said...

pretty pretty images :D

<3 dennica pearl
- through the eyes of a pearl
- vintage shop