Project 365: 234-240

day 234: training day
day 235: downtown
day 236: bouquets
day 237: cookies & cream
day 238: mockingjay
day 239: bubble dog
day 240: vintage piano
view on flickriver

52 weeks project
week 24: first love
week 24: first love
view on flickriver

a few days late (sorry!). maybe i'll start doing themed weeks like miss indie mentioned. i don't know what to take photos of anymore. agh.

don't forget to enter the giveaway she's hosting for me! :)


Couture said...

Love the NY picture!

dennicapearl said...

i love the photo of the ice cream :D

amazing photos!

<3 dennica pearl

amylou said...

that puppy makes me smile!

sheppicakes said...

The last picture of your dog is SUPER cute!

<3 sheppi

Meg said...

Just finished Mockingjay this morning -- whoa! When all is said and done, not quite sure what to think. My reaction is decidedly mixed, but more positive and negative!

That cityscape is just stunning, and that ice cream? Mmm.

Jacque said...

CUTE photos!! I always adore these posts! I think that themed photos are cute, but I also love the random photos too! That is such a cute dog!!

erin :) said...

Ooo! My favorites are the cityscape - that one's so priceless - and the ice cream. I can't look, I'll start drooling and craving too much.

Thank you for your consistent blog visits and all ! It's hard to find sincerely friendly bloggers like you. :) And thanks for the Class of Fashion compliment! I hope I can keep it up! It's not as cool as your 365 photography dedication! :]

Erin :)

Shelley Ann said...

love your pictures! especially the first two!

julianne. said...

ohhh i love these pictures.
that pups so sweeet.<3

Sarah Kinsey said...

Loved all these photos but my favorite #2, loved the color of it and I'm a huge fan of cities at night. Haha. :)

3ate4 said...

Wanting that ice cream!