Fashion Los Angeles Groundbreaking

Last Wednesday, the 15th, marked the official groundbreaking for Fashion Los Angeles! Opening February 1-7, 2011, Fashion Los Angeles aims to serve as the new global platform for fashion in the L.A. area, unifying designers, developers, and media under one roof. They will represent more than 65 designers and 10,000 professionals in a great downtown location (right next to the Walt Disney hall!) that contains everything someone working in fashion could need, from marketing to runway shows.

I'm really excited for what they're doing because I think that it will help make fashion in L.A. more organized and community-driven. Hearing about all their plans and goals makes me feel optimistic for the L.A. fashion industry!

Here are some photos from the event:

Outfit: Black and white silk gingham dress (Betsey Johnson), black studded crossbody bag (won from Tweetmybag), black t-strap mary jane heels (Payless), silver bow necklace (Tiffany; gift from my sister)

(A HUGE thanks to Natalie's boyfriend, Michael Solomon, for taking this and a few of the following photos for us! I was rushing to get there after work and didn't have time to take my usual outfit pics)

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Dry Soda

Me and Natalie being creepy and staring at Tarina Tarantino

Me, Bree and Natalie

Me and Natalie

Learn more about Fashion Los Angeles

Photo credits: 1 and 2 by Vero Image; 3,4, 6-8 by Michael Solomon


Gracie said...

You're looking lovely :) I like your dress. Looks like a really great event and I'm not surprised that you are excited about it.

Sandy a la Mode said...

wow looks like such a fun event~!! don't forget to stop by and enter for free ad space! :D

sheppicakes said...

Aww Erica! Lookin' good, as always! Please teach me the ways! :D

sssdawna said...

you look great, what a fun event!

come visit me ; )

ari said...

thanks for posting such great pictures. I was a little bummed that I was not able to make it. I am super excited for what this will bring to the Fashion Industry in LA :):)

Mo said...

ooo i love your outfit !! so original !

Meg said...

Oooh, looks so fun! L.A. is awesome, and I love your dress. :)

And too bad I totally bought my little sister a silver bow necklace from Tiffany for her college graduation. Tritia and I are so very alike, hehe! :)

Sarah Kinsey said...

that looks like it was too much fun! loved your outfit, so pretty! :)

LadyDenDen said...

Love your outfit! So chic, yet funky!