you, me and the bourgeoisie

details: pink dotted dress (zara), wicker hat (jcpenney; thanks kelsi!), gold mary-jane kitten heels (dollhouse), silver petite bow necklace (swap with katrina; visit her etsy shop)

i got this dress from Zara when i was in san francisco a few weeks ago (it was on sale!). it reminds me of my american girl doll, samantha, but whatever. i thought it was really cute even though it looks as if 10-year-old victorian girls would wear it.

anyway, sheppi asked me if i could make a custom dress for her to wear at an upcoming band competition, so of course i said 'yes'! it was my first time making a more formal dress in this style, but it came out great! i just might have to make one for myself (if i have a fancy event to go to in the future! too bad there's no prom for 20-somethings). i also did custom black convertible dresses for her and her bandmates for their group competition.

here's the dress i made for her:

and sheppi was so sweet, she even brought me cupcakes from frosted in a few of my favorite flavors (cookies & cream, chocolate/vanilla, hazelnut, and toffee). i sampled all of them and shared with my family.

sorry for being slow at responding to comments and catching up with blog-reading! i will get to it tonight, promise. i've been doing a lot of sewing and working on orders lately (yay!) so it's been a bit busier than normal.