Waking Up in Vegas

as you know, i was in vegas last week to help tminx out at the POOL/MAGIC tradeshow, which is where a bunch of buyers and professionals (or students!) in the fashion industry congregate to check out the new collections and place orders from all kinds of brands and labels, ranging from indie to established. it was really fun! i got a ride with yvonne (the owner) and kelsi of dedicated follower of fashion. they're both very sweet and great to talk to.

interning for the show was awesome. my job was to man the booth for a few hours a day so yvonne could take a break. it was a pretty sweet deal, considering i had a lot of time to wander around the other shows, gamble a little (kelsi taught me how to play video roulette! dangerous), and hang out with friends. i even had my own hotel room! score.

we didn't even really go to the clubs or anything--too tired! how sad. but i was happy to run into nicole at the launch party for POOL, and kelsi introduced me to bree of stylist diva. we had dinner at wolfgang puck (pretty good, but overpriced) and pink taco (oh my god! SUCH GOOD TACOS), but i failed at documenting any of it. sorry. but here are a few things that i did get awesome pictures of:

new york, new york


inside bellagio

vegas is something else. there's tons of places to shop, eat, and go out! kelsi and i trekked from one side of the strip to the other (mandalay to caesar's palace), in search of Serendipity 3 to fulfill our craving for something sweet.

it was my first time there, and the frozen hot chocolate was amazing (think slushy, super sweet, chocolate-y goodness)! we also ordered the nachos, which were delicious (but did not mix well with the frozen hot chocolate. oops.).

i also ran into the famous twinkie chan at the pool tradeshow promoting her new yummy you line, wearing none other than the tiffany blue hair bow she bought from me over a year ago! so surreal. i've never seen any of my stuff "in action" before. she was really sweet and even said it was her favorite. i was too excited i didn't even get a picture. boo.

overall, i had a memorable (and slightly exhausting!) trip in vegas. apart from the sucky, super hot/humid weather, i really did enjoy meeting new people and looking at all the pretty clothes/accessories. i was also grateful for getting to meet up with my best friend for a little bit because she just so happened to be vacationing with her family (yay!).

me and the best friend

anyway, i'll be doing a post soon on a few of the fun things i got from the show and my favorite new finds! it's good to be back.


Ebony said...

This looks like so much fun!!!
I love the little collage inside Serendipity 3 - you look fantastic with your fringe brushed over like that. Not that you don't always look great, that's just an awesome photo!
Yay for interning - where do you go from here? Did they love you enough to keep you? Or did anyone say anything?
And how cool that you saw such a cool looking lady wearing your bow! I'm looking at her site right now! Cute stuff!

Love you xoxo

julianne. said...

that looks unbelievable! <3

Meg said...

Oh my goodness, looks like sooo much fun! I love Vegas and have been there three times, though never when I was actually able to legally gamble. Haha! Strange, but true. My favorite hotel is the Venetian... did you get to stop in?! Fabulous shopping and the Grand Canal -- woo! So pretty.

A Serendipity 3 is definitely opening in D.C. sometime this year (or next?), and I'm freaking out excited! I wanted to stop in for a frozen hot chocolate so badly when I was in New York, but the wait was way too long. Someday!

Sarah Kinsey said...

That looks like too much fun girl!! I went to Vegas not too long ago but it was a one night deal so I didn't do much of anything at all, well except go to the miracle mall and eat, but I didn't buy anything so it doesn't count. Haha. :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

awwww looks like you had fun! love the new york, new york pic you took, so lovely!

Rebel Mel said...

Awe so happy to see that you're having fun! I have been MIA from blogging lately (something I promise I am changing!) but with good reason - reasons that I will be posting (mini-series, starts today!)

I have missed you and your posts! I think I may be going to vegas soon, too, so I will have to take tons of photos!

Talk to you soon lovie!

Hotcakes said...

awww I wanna go back to vegas!!!! <3 :)

soon soon ..

your have great shots of it too. looks like from an SLR? :)