waiting for the harmony

details: blue ruffle blouse (mine...; bought at marshall's), gray high-waisted pleated skirt (f21), bronze sandals (payless), lone hopper bunny necklace (swap with katrina, visit her etsy shop)

in other news...

thanks so much for the encouraging words last week when i told you i had a job interview.

i got the job! whoooo!

training was on sunday and my first day is this friday. i'll be doing retail sales at a store, so i hope it's okay. i get a pretty sweet discount, but the whole job is customer service intensive and i've never done anything like it before.

honestly, i'm sort of dreading it.

it would be nice if i could support myself with my etsy shop, but i'm just not at that level yet. job-hunting has been depressing and even though i've applied at a bunch of places, this store was the only one to offer me anything.

ohh, post-college life.

for anyone who has ever worked in retail:
care to share any tips? i'd really appreciate it!

also: mandy of miss indie did a sweet sponsor feature of me recently. please check it out here! :)

i will be doing a review for CSN soon. CSN has sponsored a couple of my giveaways before, so i'm extremely grateful for this opportunity, as they have one of the most diverse shopping selections on the interwebs! they have over 250 stores with items ranging from fun wall decals and fancy cookware by le creuset, to handbags and shoes.


thedemuremuse.com said...

congrats again on getting the job!! Sounds like it'll be a great experience. :)

i worked in retail for a little over a year, but not in the fashion industry. my favorite aspect of the job was being able to meet new people on a daily basis and just interacting with people. i worked as a customer service rep in-store and sometimes i would get irate customers, but you learn to stand your ground. for every one mean person you have to deal with, there are at least 10 nice ones!

i haven't worked retail for years and i really miss it. i loved being able to socialize on a daily basis!

good luck! ♥

Indie.Tea said...

You look really adorable :)
Post-college life in this economy DOES suck.

erin :) said...

!!! Congrats on getting the job! I am not surprised! You look like a successful lady! :) And I love this outfit! Both the top and skirt are sooo pretty individually. But together - ay ay!

Meg said...

Yay for your new job! I worked in retail (a craft store, then a bookstore) for almost five years, and my biggest piece of advice is this: stay upbeat and smile, even when people are being lunatics, and it'll be much harder to bring you down.

I actually met many nice people and made numerous friends through my retail job(s), so I can't complain too much! There are always a few jerks, sure, but that's anywhere you work. Overall, I loved interacting with people and, in the case of the bookstore, getting to chat about something I love: reading! Good luck. xo