so we sit in the garden and touch the grass with our hands

details: strapless pink floral dress (kensiegirl), brown sandals (payless), silver lone hopper rabbit necklace (swap with katrina, visit her etsy shop)

i've had this dress since freshman year of college, but it's still one of my favorites! too bad it's hard to find kensiegirl stuff around here though. they stopped carrying it at the dillard's in palmdale. :P

anyway, kelsi of dedicated follower of fashion needed an intern to help out with a photo shoot for her client, tminx, and chose me! i got to help out with the styling a bit, as well as the photoshoot itself. it was a lot of fun and i learned a lot.

tminx makes really cute, soft tees with vintage fashion-inspired prints!
check them out here.

i'll also be going to MAGIC (a fashion tradeshow in Las Vegas) with them in a couple of weeks, so i'm really excited! i went last year on a field trip, so it will be fun to experience it from within (and without essays and journals to worry about!). will anyone else be there? let me know, because it'd be fun to see you! :)