Project 365: 227-233

day 227: time breaker
day 228: tropicana
day 229: pool party
day 230: float
day 231: tminx
day 232: creepy
day 233: cross your heart
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52 weeks project
week 23: vegetables
week 23: vegetables
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sorry for the creepy baby picture. i hope the rest of them make up for it. enjoy the teaser photos from vegas! i'll be posting about it this week. :)


Fashion Meets Food said...

fabulous pictures gorgeous!


Eden said...

Great photos and love the outfit from the prev post(the 1st one):))))
follow if u like

Leah said...

hahah the creepy baby pic did throw me a little lol!!! where was the one with the hot air balloons taken? love it!! <3

Shelli @ Style Ingenuity said...

Love Day 230: Float.

- Shelli :)

Couture said...

Lovely pictures!

Sarah said...

I love the colors of the clothing rack shot and the painting of the hot air balloons!

Gracie said...

How awesome are the hot air balloons! They are truly lovely. Great pictures.

I love the t-shirts. I'm all about soft tees with great prints :)