the search for the perfect pair of sunglasses under $50


i'm starting to think i may be cursed (or maybe, just a bit careless).

my sunglasses break all the time. granted, most of them don't even come with cases because i buy them at forever 21, h&m, and target.

but still.

i'm really into thick, black over-sized frames, especially cat-eye shapes and retro styles. when i was in europe, i managed to break two pairs of sunglasses in 4 days (the vintage ones i bought from etsy, and the pair i bought at zara in paris for 29 euro). after the zara pair broke (the arm popped off), i bought a cute tortoise pair from h&m the next day for less than 6 euro. nice.

(they're still in tact)

i was impatient/desperate when i bought the last pair and now i want to hunt for something special. during the trip, my friend gina bought these gorgeous black oversize cat-eye sunglasses--my DREAM sunglasses--from a shop in france called lunettes (i forgot the brand). i would've bought a pair too, except they cost 300 euro! ack! i don't even want to do the conversion into US dollars right now because it was way over my budget.

here are my favorite contenders (that won't make my wallet cry):

Gelato Sunglasses in Strawberry Pink
$11.99 USD | Buy at ModCloth

Z. Cavaricci Couture Black & Silver Cat Eye Sunglasses
$29 USD | Buy at Torrid

Tortoise Shell Sunglasses (F1765)
$5.80 USD | Buy at Forever 21

Hobo International Black Round Sunglasses
$49.99 USD | Buy at Smart Bargains

Kenneth Cole KC4131S in Havana/Brown
$44.99 USD | Buy at Overstock

Carrie Sunglasses
USD | Buy at Fredflare

Black Cat Eye Sunglasses
$9.99 USD | Buy at Torrid

what are your favorite sunglasses brands, designers and styles?
where do you usually like to buy your sunglasses?


Ebony said...

I hate sunglasses. Well, I did. I never found a pair that was really 'me' - maybe it was my big head or round face...
I eventually found a pair just before Christmas of 2008... they just HAD to be the most expensive pair in the store didn't they? Luckily they had an offer on (it being Christmas and all) - second pair free. So David and I went halves in mine and he got himself a gorgeous pair of Serengeti glasses... mine were, and still are Gucci. $600 AU later..

I love them :)
Good luck on your quest!

freckleonthenose said...

Love the styles you posted! I'm in the same boat as you, unfortunately. I've gotten most of mine at Target or Kohl's and they never last more than a summer. Sad.

Lauren said...

Love the models you posted! Free People and Topshop also have some pretty good ones for a reasonable price.

Teresa said...

My favorite sunnies are my heart shaped ones that I got at a flea market for $7. They're so quirky funny!

Thera Joyce said...

Love all the sunglasses. I always buy cheapies because I break or loose them. haha!

I don't have a Konad kit yet, but I want one too. There are so many amazing designs. I didn't even know that something like that existed until I saw a tutorial on Cut Out and Keep. I just loooove doing my nails. :)

Thera Joyce

Gracie said...

I usually cheap sunglasses too because I either lose them or I want a different pair.

The ones I have now are more expensive but I really love the style. I adore those strawberry pink glasses. They are so cute!

Couture said...

Lovely choices!

Jocelyn said...

Sunglasses never look right on me :( It sucks soo muchh my fat cheeks are always in the way! Plus I wear glasses, and I look horrible without them... I'm just weird like that lol I do like the big oversized sunglasses though I admire them on everyone who wears them :) I think cat eye glasses are the cutest! I think I only bought one pair of sunglasses in my life... I think so >.< Glad to hear our one of your sunglasses is still intact :D said...

i find that sunglasses are such a pain and a half to shop for! it must be the fact that i had an oddly shaped face, but i just bought a new pair a couple weeks ago and it took me at least an hour to find a pair that would fit my face correctly.

i've had a pair of black plastic framed ones for the past 2 years and decided to get a pair of aviators. such a drastic change and it took a lot of getting used to.

i would recommend checking out Khols (aside from the places you already mentioned, since I also looked at all of those). Marshall's had some great deals on sunglasses last weekend, as well.

Hamtarofan01 said...

It's such a pain to shop for sun glasses for me! Mostly their TOO expensive. ==' I've shopped around at DFO, Just Jeans and much much more places but I never got a perfect pair! I love big, cute sunnies but I can never find the perfect one!

But I really like the ones you posted! At it's true, they won't make anyones wallets cry! ;D

Hamtarofan01 said...

Oh! And thankd for visting my blog!! It does work well even though it's so old! I find it surprising! And the desgins are really nice! The Konad kit is my mums and she says it was for $50! I think it's kinda worth it if you always paint your nails but if not, then it's kinda a waste!

So just to warn you it may be a bit expensive! (Unless you get a good deal! ;D)

Meg said...

I'm obsessed with sunglasses -- and, like you, have terrible luck with them! As such, I never buy any that cost more than $10 or so... I know it's only a matter of time until an arm breaks off, a lens falls out or I sit on them.

I love for glasses -- that's where I got my red ones! Beyond that, I usually scope out the ones at Kohl's (which are usually about $15 on sale, depending) and surf around Forever21's site. I need to find a cute black pair!