Project 365: 178-184

day 178: convertible dress in espresso
day 179: ceiling fan
day 180: watermelon nails
day 181: petite bow
day 183: bonjour chat
day 182: scott pilgrim
day 184: card collection
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52 weeks project
week 16: "one of..." (these things is not like the others)
week 16: one of...
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happy 4th of july / independence day to my fellow american readers!
my family doesn't do fireworks and all that jazz, but ahhh well.


hope you guys have a good one (or at least, a good sunday!)


Sandy a la Mode said...

erica! i LOVE the dress and can't wait to have a purple one of my own, yay!!! your nails are sooo cute and those fireworks are FANTASTIC! hope you had a great holiday weekend!

ArtTales said...

Beautiful dress!

freckleonthenose said...

Super dress shots - I love them all!

I really like the bow necklace too - basically your blog makes me want to go shopping, haha. :)

Hope you had a good holiday!

Abby Kihano said...

aww! i'm in love with the black dresses! i think that's the only color i actually look good in.

also, the hello kitty head band is so cute! do you have one?

Moniqué said...

pretty dress :)


love them all !

Thera Joyce said...

AWWW! I love that kitty ear headband. It's so cute!

Thera Joyce

maggeygrace said...

The little black dress NEVER gets old! These are incredible!! And I love all your pictures, they're all so inspiring! The headbands are precious- I would buy AND wear them in a heartbeat!

Miss*Kimmy said...

Those are gorgeous watermelon nails .. and a gorgeous blog!

Jacque said...

SOO pretty!!! I love those cute nails too!!!!

Chickything said...

That dress is just genius!

Meg said...

OK, so I can't get over your watermelon nails -- I'm in love! So adorable! Happy belated Independence Day :)

Ebony said...

Wait there, what is this Scott Pilgrim sketch?
I'm confused. Love the black dress! Gorgeous photos.