Project 365: 199-205

day 199: windmills
day 200: flying books
day 201: full house
day 202: sunset
day 203: pride and prejudice
day 204: ruffles
day 205: thirsty
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52 weeks project
week 19: macro
week 19: macro
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some teaser photos from my san francisco trip! i'll post about it this week. :) if you ever watched full house, you might recognize the row of houses from the opening (clarrisa and i asked her uncle to take us, hehe).

hope you had an amazing weekend!


freckleonthenose said...

The Full House theme song popped into my head as soon as I saw the row houses!

I love each and every photo!

Can't wait to hear about the trip!

Gracie said...

Amazing! I used to love Full House. That picture is great!

I love those pretty Penguin book covers. They look so beautiful displayed.

And are those miniature drinks? Absolutely adorable. x

julianne. said...

wowow! suuch amazingly beautiful pictures.<3

Sandy a la Mode said...

oh my goodness erica, these pictures are AMAZING!!! love the full house one and the windmill and sunset are BEAUTIFUL as well! great job lady!!!

Ken said...

thanks for the compliments =]
u make me feel happy!

Chickything said...

Whenever I go there, I always, always take pictures of those wind mill thingies. They are very very photogenic :)

Oh and Haight & Ashbury, the energy is just undescribable. I miss it so.

..R May A.. said...

You crazily talented - these pictures are simply gorgeous!

Maubrey said...

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The Demigoddess said...

These pictures are incredible. You are a gifted photographer.

Thera Joyce said...

That sunset is beautiful! I always adore your photos. :)