Project 365: 185-191

day 185: the 4th
day 186: shopping
day 187: betsey buttons
day 188: elevator love letter
day 189: totem
day 190: sunnies
day 191: thumb in a tophat
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52 weeks project

week 17: patriotism
week 17: patriotism
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sharonlei said...

Lovin' the little figure dude in a top hat picture. Cute!

xx Love & Aloha

Marie said...

How cute is the last picture?!:D
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Sarah said...

Haha I love the finger dude! He's so cute xD

freckleonthenose said...

Love the pics - especially the top hat-wearing finger!

Jen said...

ahhh i'm obsessed with your finger and its top hat :)

Fashion Meets Food said...

fun pictures! I want to go shopping at Betsey Johnson!


Gracie said...

Love these. And I love it when shops have cute paper carry bags.

And the finger with little top hat. Adorable!

Namine said...

love the finger man with the hat!!

Ebony said...

Oooo, what's that plaid Betsey Johnson goodie I see? A jacket? A skirt? I must know! Love you Erica.

Mo said...

oo love your curly hair !