i left my heart in san francisco

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me and clarrisa at union square

i went with my best friend, clarrisa, up to oakland to visit her older brother, auriel. it was a looong drive (6 hours, give or take), so we made sure we were properly caffeinated and had an ipod playlist ready for the ride.


when we got to oakland, the first place auriel took us to was fenton's ice cream. you might remember it from disney/pixar's 'up'! yeah, i had no idea it was a real place either. it's open pretty late and seemed to be pretty popular (there was a line out the door--but, it was also national ice cream day. who knew?). they have more than just ice cream too (but the ice cream is AMAZING, that's for sure). they also have typical diner food, like burgers, onion rings, etc.

in the back hallway, there's even a print from the final scene of the movie (the same picture posted earlier) and a "message" from pete docter saying "Thanks for all the ice cream! And for a good place to meet friends." how cute is that?? clarrisa and i shared a cookie sundae, and it was humongous. they gave us a cute container to bring the rest home.

the next day, clarrisa and i drove to san francisco to do all the touristy things we wanted to do. we hit up pier 39, fisherman's wharf, and bubba gump for lunch.

we also stopped by musée mécanique, a museum that has all these quirky, antique coin-operated musical and game machines. it's free to get in, but be sure to have lots of quarters on hand so you can play with all the cool games and watch the little mechanical scenes play out!

afterwards, we drove down the famed lombard street and headed to union square to check out the shops.

the next day, we met up with their uncle benny, who lives across the bridge in tiburon, a cute, ritzy wine-country area. after he treated all of us to lunch and drinks at guayma's (i had carnitas and the peach treat) and showed us around the shops a bit, he took us back across the bridge to explore the city again.

we had cupcakes and cocktails at american cupcake. the cupcakes are reeeally good and come in fun, kid-friendly flavors like bubblegum and cotton candy, in addition to traditional ones like chocolate and red velvet. the cake is moist and the frosting is light and fluffy, with just the right amount of sweetness (i had mint chocolate and clarrisa had strawberry). aaand, they're really cute. for $3 a piece, they're not too bad. the wine cocktails are around $7-9. i had "the incorrigible" (but wanted to try "the drunken ballerina" just to see it--a sparkling wine with rainbow sprinkles and a ballerina toy inside).

after we walked around the shops, clarrisa's uncle (at our request) took us to where they did the opening shot for "full house". we got our photos (a few jumping ones too) and rushed back so we could have dinner at bisou, a french bistro in the city. we had escargot to start, then i ordered the crème brûlée cocktail and bruschetta trio. the food and drinks were really good. a modern take on traditional french food.

i was extremely grateful for uncle benny! he treated us to so much food (and drinks!) and showed us around the parts of san francisco we didn't know about. and auriel was awesome for letting us stay in his apartment, taking us out to eat, and showing us around oakland and berkley. overall, it was a really fun trip! i haven't been to san francisco in years, and never even got to really explore the city. it was great being able to check it out on our own, eating at new restaurants and trying new food. plus, i'm obsessed with victorian architecture/culture, so it was amazing being surrounded by all of that. san francisco has the cutest houses (and the craziest streets), but i'd definitely love to visit again.

congrats if you made it through this entire post! and if you're wondering why i don't have any photos of the golden gate bridge, it's because it was really foggy and none of my photos came out very well. :/