elevator love letter

details: silk cami (sunny taylor), cream cardigan (gap), jeans (domaine), black sandals (classified), handmade gray crocheted flower headband (einahpetsneleb)

i wore this outfit for my friends ryan and macky's surprise birthday party. we took them out to dinner at famous dave's and played an intense game of 'taboo' afterwards (gah, that game makes me nervous, but i love it!). it was girls vs. guys and we won. yay! it was super close though. good game.

i also wore my petite bow necklace from the swap with katrina

moving on...belen tagged me, like, a month ago (sorry, belen!) with these awesome questions to answer and i forgot/didn't know until now. oops.

Rules: Answer 8 questions given by the one who tagged you | Create 8 new questions | Pass the tag to others who must answer your questions 

1. What would be your perfect song to blast while driving with the top down on a summer day?
  Ooo, that's a hard one! I'm going to go with "The World Should Revolve Around Me" by Little Jackie.
2. If I invited you to a potluck, what would you bring?
  Cupcakes, of course! Sorry, Belen, but I'm quite limited when it comes to food skills. Although, I can also make a really good artichoke spinach dip! So as long as it's appetizers or dessert, we're good.
3. If you were a zombie that could think (not one that just ate whatever human came along), would you attack those who've hurt you in the past for revenge?
  Lol! If they were zombies too, then there'd be no point. But if they were human and tried attacking me first, then whatever, I'd go for it.
4. If you could turn invisible, where would you go first?
  Area 51! ...I'm nerdy, okay? I just want to see.
5. Backstreet Boys or *N Sync? 
  N Sync. They were better dancers.
6. Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, or Fred Astaire?
  Frankie for suuuuure. Always.
7. What is your 8th ever blog post about?
  Something boring, I'm sure. Let me check.
  ...Oh! Just kidding. They were ice cream cone cupcakes. Yum. I should make those again.
8. What singer/band's CD do you own that you're embarrassed you have but like?
  Oy. Eh...hehe...Spice Girls, Hilary Duff, Eden's Crush, The Josie and the Pussycats soundtrack...and a whole bunch of other pop CDs from a long time ago. Don't judge!;)

that was fun, haha (and random!).
now here are my questions!

1. if you were a superhero (or if you prefer, super villain), what would your name be?
2. what would your superpower be?
3. and finally, what would you wear? (haha, sorry, these are my favorite questions to ask)
4. what do you want to dress up as for halloween this year?
5. who is your biggest fashion influence?
6. do you prefer lollipops or popsicles?
7. what is the most listened to song on your ipod/mp3 player/music library?
8. what is your best friend's first name?

I'd like to tag katrina, ebony, sandy, mel, thera, chloe, erica, and gracie! :) i can't wait to read your answers.