don't upset the rhythm

details: romper (made by me; visit my etsy shop), brown sandals (payless)

i was watching a lot of 'that 70s show' when i made this for myself. i used some vintage fabric for the bottom part and when i was finished, it reminded me of a roller disco. i kind of wish i had some chunky platforms and striped knee-socks to go with this. ;)

in other news, the lovely thera of the crafty pirate nominated me for an award! thanks, thera! :) i recently started reading her blog and she's super creative and generally awesome. the award states that i must share 7 facts about myself (why is it always 7?). anyway, here you go:

Rules: Thank person who nominated you | Share 7 facts about yourself | Nominate 15 others | Contact nominees
  1. i'm a perfectionist.
  2. i collect playing cards. well, now i do. i realized i had a mini collection going and figured i would start collecting them for real. they're one of those things that you can find everywhere, and they're generally inexpensive. plus, i really like card games! let's play spoons sometime! but be warned: i'm quite competitive.
  3. my favorite ride at disneyland is the haunted mansion. i love all the creepiness.
  4. when i go to starbucks, i usually order a grande raspberry mocha frappuccino.
  5. i hate singing in public. sure, there are probably people who sing worse than i do or whatever, but i get super self-conscious. this was difficult growing up because, well, i'm filipino, and what do filipinos do at parties? KARAOKE. agh.
  6. ...but i like driving by myself because it means i can turn my music way up and sing as loud as i want. ;)
  7. i'm happy to have finally graduated from college, but now i miss all my friends! whyyyy do they all have to live so far away from me?
ahhh, i'm supposed to nominate 15? sorry, i'm too lazy to pick that many right now. i would like to give this award to mel, katrina, ken, sarah, julianne and maxie!

also, maxie is having a giveaway right now!
the winner gets a gorgeous vintage purse.

be sure to enter! ^_^