strawberry fields

details: strawberry fields t-shirt (lords of liverpool, c/o  tweetmystyle and lords of liverpool), black cardigan (old navy), pink cashmere mini-skirt (juicy couture), black cloche hat (f21), black t-strap mary-janes (payless), black bow ring (f21)

it was paul mccartney's birthday yesterday! woooo! i wore my pink strawberry fields t-shirt from lords of liverpool (it says "nothing is real" on the back).

are any of you from los angeles? i recently signed up for Two Point Oh LA, a new fashion blogging networking organization, and the launch party (a picnic!) is coming up next month. anyway, i was hoping to see some familiar faces there, but then i realized that i don't read a lot of fashion blogs written by fellow southern please let me know if you joined it as well. i'd love to see you there. i don't want to be the one awkward blogger sitting in the corner by herself or something equally embarrassing.

i'm really excited to meet new bloggers and everything, but honestly, networking freaks me out. or the idea of it freaks me out. same thing. i just feel like you have to suck up and "sell yourself" and i can't do that (at least, not with a straight face). then again, this isn't business networking...or is it? i'm still trying to figure it out. perhaps i'm thinking too hard.

hey, at least there'll be free food. ;)