Project 365: 150-156

day 150: fotc
day 151: new fabric
day 152: card shark
day 153: infinite
day 154: bex
day 155: zebra
day 156: stuff
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52 weeks - Week 12:
week 12: wilderness

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giveaway will be posted tomorrow night, so please check back soon! :)


Jen said...

ahh i love these photos! and that cupcake one is making me crave some sugar :P

yiqin; said...

Lovely photos :)

Mo said...

oh that blue dress !

Sandy a la Mode said...

i am sooo utterly amazed by your talent, you just blew me away with that convertible dress! i saw the other striped one you made too!! you know i've been thinking about it for awhile and i SO want one!! i will be placing an order with you soon! =)

Melanie said...

Love the fabric photo... and the multiway dress pictures are giving me some new ideas on how to tie mine!


admin said...

I always love your pictures! I love the fabric on, and the one that looks like it's taken of your dresser? anyways I love them all :D

Jocelyn said...

gah! sorry for the 'admin' name, I'm trying to correctly install this OpenID thing lol, sorry >.<

newdressaday said...

That fabric is dreamy :) So is that cupcake! xx M