My 22nd Birthday!

i turned 22 yesterday! yay! not a *significant* age, but still special nonetheless. my best friend took me to disneyland (yes, i realize we just went a couple of weeks ago, but it was the last non-blackout day for annual passes!) on tuesday to celebrate.

random fact: if it's your birthday and you visit the mission tortilla factory inside california adventure, you get a bag of tortillas! haha.

clarrisa treated me to dinner and drinks at california adventure's wine country trattoria. i got the magicalé, a sparkling rosé wine that's only available at the park, and it was ahhh-mazing! super sweet and raspberry flavored. i'm still trying to get into the wine thing, so hopefully i can go to a tasting sometime. i ate the broccolini pasta with chicken (pretty good, but a little spicy) and she had the halibut and a glass of white wine.

it was really hot at the park (ughh gross) and more crowded than last time (sigh. everyone's on summer vacation now) but we were still able to get on our favorite rides and enjoy everything--even things we'd never done before, like canoeing around the mark twain river thing (whoa. my arms got super sore and my rhythm was awful during paddling. plus, we kept getting splashed by the people in front of us lol.).

my outfit details: minnie mouse ears (disneyland!), black polka-dot dress (f21), red bow belt (f21), black flip-flops (american eagle)

the next day, we took tons of jumping pictures in the park (most were failures. self-timer + jumping = nearly impossible) and goofed around.

some were hits...

most were misses...
but we finally got it in the end.
then we went out to dinner at musashi, my favorite japanese restaurant.

mom baked me a red velvet cake (mom never bakes cakes, so that was a surprise) and it was delicious! then clarrisa and i drank some wine and gossiped before bed.

i was going to plan another dinner with some more friends but everyone lives so far away and i couldn't figure it out. boo. but oh well, it was a great day! my family and best friend made it perfect and i was super grateful for that.

hope everyone's had a great week so far!