i like being able to shout, but usually i'm quiet

details: blue ruffle blouse (dizzy lizzy. yeah, i've never heard of it either), gray pleated high-waisted skirt (f21), black flats (payless), blue pleather crossbody/shoulder bag (f21)

sorry for the weird lookin' outfit pics. testing my new camera with outfit photos.

i got a new pink canon powershot to replace my old, wonky sony cybershot. i like it so far, but as you can see, the flash has major issues. the regular flash washes me out and manages to make me look darker at the same time (what the heck?), and the slow flash, which is usually better, adds a weird yellow sheen to me (anyone else have this problem? it's pretty hard to edit them afterwards too, as you can see).

my olympus takes better outfit photos anyway, but the self-timer on the canon is customizable. i love that. you can set the number of seconds and the number of shots you want it to take! how cool is that? it's so much easier than running back and forth and pressing the self-timer button a million times.

so we'll see.

anyway, i'll be gone the next couple of days. me and the best friend are going to disneyland. we never get tired of that place (aaaand we have to use our annual passes before they expire. crap).

enjoy the rest of your week and i'll see you saturday!

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