california gurls

details: blue and white pinstripe ruffle babydoll top (living doll, marshall's), black bow belt (f21), black bloomer shorts (tracy feith for target), white open toe skimmers (payless), hat (h&m), silver bunny necklace (from swap with katrina)

i hope you're not tired of the hat yet...because i most certainly am not! i feel like i can wear it with everything and it instantly looks summer-y. i just got the blouse at marshall's yesterday. i wasn't sure about it at first (it looked tent-like on the hanger), but i really liked it when i tried it on. the shorts are fun too (target!), but when mom saw them she was all concerned because she thought they were literally bloomers.

"I used to wear those under my skirts! Are you sure that isn't underwear?!" - Mom

don't worry mom, they're just bloomer-inspired. it has pockets and a zipper and everything.

i've been putting together a little summer playlist! you know, songs that are upbeat and happy. the kind you can sing along to with your friends when you're driving to the beach. that sort of thing.

Erica's Summer Playlist
  1. "boys of summer" - the ataris
  2. "wet hot american summer" - cobra starship
  3. "summerboy" - lady gaga
  4. "stuck on you" - paramore
  5. "california gurls" - katy perry
  6. "blueside" - rooney
  7. "salty air" - bitter:sweet
  8. "1901" - phoenix
  9. "seventeen forever" - metro station
  10. "disasterpiece" - sugar ray
  11. "the boys" - dragonette
  12. "fanfare/parkdale" - metric
  13. "dance anthem of the 80s" - regina spektor
  14. "do-wah-doo" - kate nash
  15. "animal" - neon trees
any other songs i should add to my ipod playlist? :)

also, i wrote an article for etsy's blog, the storque! please check it out:

EtsyU Abroad: A Student's Guide to Jet-Setting in Style


freckleonthenose said...

REALLY cute outfit - I love it!

julianne. said...

i am so inlove with that shirt i cant even TELL YOU!
oh my gosh you look utterly ahhmazing.<3

Thera Joyce said...

That outfit is super cute! I love it!

Thera Joyce

Gracie said...

The whole outfit is cute. And yes it's very summery. I love the bloomers too! I hope we have something similar come out when it's summer here ;)

Meg said...

"California girls, we're unforgettable!" Oh no, now I'm going to be singing Katy Perry to myself all day... haha. Love that song. There are definitely worse things. :)

Your outfit is fantastic! Love the hat. Definitely so fun and summery, I'm totally digging it!

Thera Joyce said...

I think your blog is fantastic! I'm giving you a blog award! You can pick it up here:

Thera Joyce said...

those shorts are SO CUTE!! Oh man, I need to go to Target sooooon. :)

lovin' the summer playlist! maybe you can add "Pumped up Kicks" by Foster the People to your list? it's a pretty sweet track with a very summery-feel.


Sandy a la Mode said...

woohoo for california gurls!! well i am not one, but i wish i were haha! i love that song, it always puts me in a good mood! and of course we're not tired of that hat, looks great on you! i just bought a hat the other day from target (i'm not normally a hat wearer) so i'm excited to wear it! it's a similar color to yours and has a piece of white fabric with hot pink polka dots on it around the hat, very cute!

Mo said...

loool love your mom's comment !!

i was going out of my appartement in short and tshirt and my grandpa thought i was not ready to go cause according to him i was still in pjs !!!!!