pot kettle black

details: white and blue striped button down (had since high school, tommy hilfiger), gray shorts (f21), bronze sandals (payless), white bow headband (f21), pearl earrings (vintage), daisy necklace (juicy couture)

i visited my best friend, clarrisa, in palmdale the other day. we thought we'd try the new restaurant, bex, in lancaster.

it's a trendy bar, grill and lounge that just opened about a month ago (they're still under construction, and will add a bowling alley this month!). the inside is all industrial/art deco, with exposed steel beams, chandeliers, and velvet booths, and they have pretty twinkly lights outside. it's supposed to be the place to go to at night, but we showed up for late lunch and no one was really there (except for some recent high school graduates and their families).

bextraordinary garlic parmesan fries

dipping sauces

we tried the garlic fries (the best i've had so far!) with every single dipping sauce they offered. clarrisa ordered the tri-tip gorgonzola sandwich, and i had the bexaroni & cheese, which was really good.

the portions are huge, but the food is tasty and filling (and reasonably priced! yay!). afterwards, we wanted to stop by the cupcake place next door (rae's) but were too stuffed, so we'll try them next time and i'll let you know how that goes!


julianne. said...

you are too adorable.
i love how your hair looks.
such a perfect summery outfit.<3

Ken said...

reminds me of my shirts =]
keke boy shirts on girls are hawt~!

so when are we gonna kick it?!

lancaster? super far from my house~!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

your shorts are really cute and those chips look yum.

Sandy a la Mode said...

erica!! i LOVE your grey shorts! i need to get myself a pair, pronto!! and i am totally obsessed with sauces, i think i would love that restaurant!!

Couture said...

I love your shorts! That food looks yummy!

Ilse said...

love the shorts and nail polish!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE pleated shorts. I'm so glad they are coming into style. And they look so cute on you!

Meg said...

Too full for cupcakes?! Oh my, that food must have been serious. And seriously good. Love it!

Shelley Ann said...

those fries look delicious!

your headband is too cute! i wish i could pull off that look!