because we never get tired of it

me and the best friend went to disneyland and california adventure on thursday and friday! my annual pass expires next month (ahh!) so i felt like i had to use it. yeah, yeah it seems like we go all the time, but it never gets old. and no, we did not coordinate our outfits for day 1 (except for the ears!). we often unintentionally match.

we went on all our favorite rides (indiana jones, space mountain, and my personal favorite, the haunted mansion) and even checked out some of the newer attractions (captain eo and the world of color).

we also goofed around toontown...

traveled around the world...

saw michael jackson save the world by dancing (haven't seen it since i was a kid!)...went to outer space...saved harrison ford in the jungle from a giant, rolling ball...drove around autopia...(note: do not try to take self-portraits while driving. especially while your foot is on the pedal and your friend is steering for you. very difficult)

fell down a maintenance elevator shaft...evaded pirates...spun around in teacups...

became action figures (complete with accessories)......and ate delicious food (of course).we're such children. we even went on the swings.

sorry, i don't have pictures of the world of color! clarrisa insisted on getting a spot in the very front, up against the railing (in the designated "wet zone") and we got soaked from all the water that was shooting up into the sky. it was crazy. but really pretty!

more photos

we had lots of fun (we always do) and i already can't wait to go again. do you have a best friend? what do you like to do when you get together? :)