Project 365: 136-149

i'm baaaaack! here are some teaser photos from the past couple of weeks during my study tour in europe. i hope everything has been going well for you guys! i can't wait to catch up on your blogs and see how you've been doing.

here's the set! i need to upgrade to a flickr pro account but am putting it off because i just bought a new camera (i had issues with mine on my trip. it broke on the first day in front of the eiffel tower and has been way temperamental since). so yeah. i need to get on that because i'm running out of room on flickr. ahh well.

here are the photos from the '52 weeks' project too:

week 10: outdoor activities
week 10
: outdoor activities

week 11: black and white
week 11
: black & white

view set on flickriver

eek. i have lots to catch up on (tv shows! / school paperwork & loan stuff / GETTING A JOB / etc. ) so please bear with me. post-grad life isn't very glamorous. but don't worry, i'll be posting about my europe trip next, so at least that'll be fun. ;)