Project 365: 136-149

i'm baaaaack! here are some teaser photos from the past couple of weeks during my study tour in europe. i hope everything has been going well for you guys! i can't wait to catch up on your blogs and see how you've been doing.

here's the set! i need to upgrade to a flickr pro account but am putting it off because i just bought a new camera (i had issues with mine on my trip. it broke on the first day in front of the eiffel tower and has been way temperamental since). so yeah. i need to get on that because i'm running out of room on flickr. ahh well.

here are the photos from the '52 weeks' project too:

week 10: outdoor activities
week 10
: outdoor activities

week 11: black and white
week 11
: black & white

view set on flickriver

eek. i have lots to catch up on (tv shows! / school paperwork & loan stuff / GETTING A JOB / etc. ) so please bear with me. post-grad life isn't very glamorous. but don't worry, i'll be posting about my europe trip next, so at least that'll be fun. ;)


Ken said...

that looks awesome! europe is such a wonderous place!

Cat* said...

I missed you and your posts. I'm happy you're back with beautiful pictures. Can't wait to see more and to read about your adventures in europe! :)

Summer Claudia said...

aww these pictures look so pretty! & you were in paris, such an amazing city isn't it!! i bet you enjoyed your trip :D did you go to other places in europe?
your blog is really cute, i'm following ;) follow me back if you want! xx from paris

Ebony said...

YAYYYYYY! Welcome back!
Love the photos. Are they sundaes? My God I want one!

Seriously take as much time as you need. Man I missed you xoxo

Maxie said...

glad you're back!!

Fashion Meets Food said...

absolutely gorgeous and fabulous pictures! Looks like an amazing time!


Couture said...

Paris is great!

Jen said...

what gorgeous pictures. looks like you had an amazing experience! :)
my favorite shots are definitly the first passport picture as well as the ice cream shot!

Marie said...

Welcome back!:D Thanks for sharing these photos!:D

Good luck with the job hunt.:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

yiqin; said...

Gorgeous effiel tower <3

Shelley Ann said...

love all of the pictures! theyre wonderful!

i especially like the one of the eiffel tower! im extremely jealous that you were able to capture that!

and im a new follower. im excited to see your posts about your trip!

Sandy a la Mode said...

so glad you are back sweetie! Missed reading ur blog and ur sweet comments on mine so much! ;) I loved ur pics of the eiffel tower and the yummy yummy gelato! I can't wait to see even more!b btw, what camera did you get??